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Primrose Audio exists for audiophile specific requirements.

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Primrose can better serve the needs of audio hobbyist and one time purchasers of toroid products. For over 20 years, Sum R has assisted audiophiles through our transformer sales desk, but now we have organized the audio sales with a separate name and purpose.

Primrose can concentrate it’s energies on audiophile requirements, while Sum R continues to build all quality transformer products

Whether your needs are for power or audio toroid requirements, Primrose will answer your questions and provide the best designs and products for your applications.

Visit our Primrose Audio website or Email us at

When inquiring about specific toroid transformers, provide a full address with postal code, and we will quote not only on the transformer requirements, but also provide postal costs to ship to your address. When the transformers are ready to ship, we will carefully pack your order, deliver to Canada post and e- mail your tracking numbers.
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